How do you bind a G-RX6 receiver to a taranis x9d???

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Feb 24, 2018
I have a Taranis x9d and a G-RX6 rx and am having a troublesome time getting the rx to bind. The x9d has opentx 2.2.2 firmware flashed to the radio and the 2.2.2 bootloader is also updated to the radio from the loaded sd card from Aloft hobbies.
My process of binding is as follows:
Firstly, put the rx into bind mode by pressing on the bind / FS button whilst powering up to get the solid red and green leds (blue led on as normal)
Then putting the TX into bind mode from the model setup menu (set as D16, 1-16 channels, 18ms normal servo rate {all from the internal module, no external module used}).
The TX chirps away whilst trying to bind, but the receiver green and red leds stay solid (as i am looking for the red led to flash telling me that the bind is successful)
So is my bind technique correct or am i missing something in the procedure? I have tried binding by putting the TX in bind first and then powered up the RX next (same outcome)
Feb 24, 2018
Thank you Konrad. I'll give that a go. My close proximity may be the issue.
Do you keep the bind button down on the rx on power up until you get the red flashing led or just for a few seconds after power up?
Thanks for the quick reply


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Jan 23, 2018
San Francisco
Less than a second. Leaving the FS button down for a long time can toggle the vario on and off.

Remember that the FS button needs to be down as the power is applied. This is a bit of a balancing act. Sometimes I get the wife to help.
Feb 24, 2018
😃😃😃 Hahaha. So I'm not the only one to also get the wife to hold the rx steady. The g-rx6 is so small, its hard to keep it steady whilst holding down the button and powering up. The button position is such that putting pressure on the button causes it to flip. Very frustrating.
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