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Wiring Harness (MPX Connectors)


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Is there a standard convention for the wire connections to MPX connectors.
I've made them up a few times and just did what I was in the mode for.
I got a set from Aloft and another with either a Stribog or Stormbird and I noticed they are wired the same. Negative on the outside pole, both whites on one side and both reds on the other. I'm making this the way I do all from now on.
Just wondering if this had beed determined before.


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hy jvaliensi

no there is as I know not a specific setup for the wires. before doing it you must know that u have the same poles on the female and male plug. I used to seperate each servowire on every colour. If something is wrong on just one wire it is not affecting the other five wires and the power circuit of the wing. so it makes sense to not put the white/orange on outside

it should be determined in your toolbox if you have to replace something. I heard a lot about changing this sort of part after a few years for prevention. Is your dealer offering your sort of pinment if you need them?

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We have standardized our wire harnesses as we always wanted to offer them in different lengths and let our customers pick both sides of the harness. So, all of our 4 servo 2 piece wing harnesses are wired the same way so they can be mixed and matched. When it comes to a 1 piece wing, we wire them very differently as we need to connect 4 servos through the 6 pin plug. They are not mix and match with our other harnesses.

Trying to make things easier for our customers. Always open to suggestions.


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I think you follow a common convention. I got a set from Aloft, one from Doc' and another with my Stribog. They are all wired the same.


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if you label it as "..." wire harnesses with mpx plugs, then every pin has his specific place. conventions can help to sort out and bind customers