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Wheres everybody ordering Fiberglass, Kevlar, and Carbon cloth?


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I have been looking around to get a small supply laminating materials. Just looking for any suggestions on retailers you guys are happy with. As im getting into vacuum bagging i would like to get some kevlar to try live hinges and carbon cloth for reinforcement. Thanks for any tips.


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I have a stash of Kevlar if you would like most of it. Enough to do a few hinges anyhow..

I usually suggest TAP Plastics, they have a location over in San Rafael. Would be a good place to visit if you are ever passing by. Can see a lot of materials and inspect them.

I do have some rolls of glass here, I have some very nice 4 oz stuff that should work well for laying up fuselages or even glassing wings for slope ships. I also have a big roll of veil. I used to sell the stuff on the site, but stopped when I moved to the bay area. I think once we get the new space, we might start offering it again. I like supplying building materials to the hobby.

There are a number of online shops that sell nothing but fabrics for composites. There are MANY different options and finishes. It can all get very crazy very fast. I'd suggest sticking with glass at first. Learn on the cheaper stuff and go from there.

p.s. Sean should have a cool build thread at some point, he has been taking our carbon tow and making it into spread tow and bagging DLG parts. He has been using a pretty cool method for the spreading of the tow that works really well.


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Hey, free shipping, thats great. I will get some S glass from them. I also decided on Us Composites for the epoxy and misc parts. And than ill grab some of your 24k carbon tow.