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Just ordered the Q 7x and can't hardly wait. I am rejoining the RC fraternity after being away for many years. I was last messing with cars but my cousin sent me a Horizon Hobby bnf airplane with safe, so going to try flying. But also interested in quadcopters and flight simulators. Chose the Q 7x after watching different youtube videos.
Thx, ordered the Flysky TX module...
Unit is too good to throw away and we need training systems so for this and some LiFe TX batteries we will be ready to go... after I learn how to program it and I have all the manuals for the TX
thank you rcdiy but my radiolink mini is different and so is r9 SLIM receiver I'm going to learn how to post pictures as soon as my kid gets home will be posting complete bundle soon thanks for now
I need to update my Horus 12X to newest modes work for aircraft..last time I tried updating myself I ran into the .rar file problem has this problem been fixed? Is so where can I find details on updating myself?