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Dec 2, 2018
I am going to buy an XJT module for my Turnigy 9x radio. Would it be better to just buy a receiver for my RC airplane that I can hook up servos to and something like an XM+ to use for my racing quadcopter? It seems like the decoders are almost as much as the price of a receiver. Also, I saw in a youtube video that there is a plastic piece at the bottom of the male connector where the module plugs into the 9x that may interfere. Does the XJT account for this or would I have to manually trim the plastic.



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Jan 23, 2018
San Francisco
Yes to buying a receiver that outputs PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). If going with an S.Bus only RX you will need a decoder and channel changer. Besides this added expense there is the added chance of a failure from the added electrical connectors.

It appears that the Turnigy 9X RF bay is NOT Jr module compliant. You will, in all likelihood, need to open up the pin window to allow the pin base to pass.

From the bottom side of the module cover to the pin relief is 17.5mm
From this relief to the retention ledge is 15mm
(See attached)

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XJT ann.jpg
XJT pin window.jpg
May 31, 2018
You have to remove the extra plastic around the pins. This video shows it...

Make sure to remove the battery before doing any work inside the TX.

Use SBUS only RXs (XSR, XSR-M, RXSR, XM, XM+) for Flight controllers that need SBUS. They are also useful as the secondary RX for redundancy receivers or with the Redundancy bus use but that's probably not your application

For conventional planes where the RX controls the servos directly then using an X- series with the appropriate number of PWM channels the new RX- (RX4R, RX6R, RX8R, RX8R-PRO) or the older (X4R, X4RSB, X6R, X8R) . The XMR, S and G RXs also have PWM outputs. All these have SBUS out (except the XMR and X4R) so you can use them with Flight controllers that way too. Some have a CPPM output.

Note: You can combine certain X RXs to get more than 8 PWM outputs. You might use an SBUS->PWM converter to do that instead.

It is possible to use SBUS to route the signal with conventional planes but this is pretty specialized. It is generally only done for larger planes to reduce the wire runs or where SBUS servos are being used.


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Nov 29, 2017
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To add further confusion, seems they have done the module bay a bit differently over the years, so give it a try first and see if it pops in. If it does not, then a little plastic removal will do the trick.


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Aug 6, 2018
Probably but I just used a hobby knife and carefully cut the plastic away. Took several minutes. I’ve done several at the field for new owners.
The best/cleanest way is to remove the module pin board and grind or cut the raised lip off without fear of slipping and damaging any pins.
As mentioned remove/disconnect the tx battery for all work with the case open.

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Dec 2, 2018
I got my XJT module and it fits great. Does anybody know what I have to change to get my Turnigy 9x to be able to talk to it?
Dec 2, 2018
The video in this thread does not show how to remove the extra plastic so the module will fit. Just take the back side of the TX off and then unscrew the circuit board attached to the back which has the pins that go into the module. Then just use a pair of pliers to break off the plastic where the module plugs into. I just used needle nose pliers and twisted it until it broke off.
May 31, 2018
The XJT can work as a PPM module so if you are using the stock 9X firmware you must set the 9X to PPM... You will have to use the buttons on the XJT to bind receivers. The TX is only supply the power as far as that task is concerned.