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Stick end switch


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I recently installed a stick end switch sold by Aloft hobbies, I plugged it into one of the two vacant plugs on the transmitters encoder board (the only possible place) but I cannot find this switch on any of the FrOS menus ! How do you locate this switch so you can assign functions to it


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Stickswitch with 4 states

I do not use the two sliders at the bottom of the TX. So i decided to use them for stickswitches. Mine provide a two position switch on top and a push button at the side.

That means there a four possible states:
all off
switch on
button on
both on

4 simple resistors and a bit of soldering later the result:
all off ... 0%
switch on ... +100%
button on ... -100%
both on ... about +50%




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We can probably get more of the RC Studio ends if people want them, just let us know. Jan the creator is a great guy and happy to help him out whenever I can.


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Thanks for all the helpful replies, I still think Frsky left the two vacant plugs on the top of the encoder board for possible future stick switches, the micro plug that is supplied with the Frsky stick end switch matches perfectly to the vacant jacks on the encoder board. I will post some photos later


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Wayne, I think a pot end might be nice on top of the throttle stick for inflight value changing. Not to be confused with rudder input for a Single Stick radio.