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Redshift emerges.

Well, Jarhead Aaron Harrington maidened his black Redshift at Soar Utah - he seems quite enthusiastic!

To Quote Aaron: "I finally got to maiden my Red(Black)shift at Soar Utah! Sorry for the lack of pictures. We didn't get much flight time on it as the wind was not cooperating and the paragliders kept encroaching into our airspace. It is very fast, nimble, and one of those rare planes that just inspires confidence from the moment it takes to the skies. Thanks Doc for all of your effort in designing, building, and getting this beautiful bird into my hands."


Hi Guys - a lot of people have been asking me about my racing aerofoil sections so here is some info on the JH25 which s the core foil for the developments in the last two years.


JH.dxf foils.png
Spot the Redshift...its really there and survived the crash

Team post:
"Yes, we retrieved the Redshift - no problem. The model was undamaged other than a slight crease to one tailplane half. A testiment to the strength of the airframe. Second airframe rigged and flown in good time..."