Convert back to Frsky OS from OpenTX for Horus 10s

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May 2, 2018
I just bought a used Horus 10s that has OpenTX installed (sorry, Wayne, price was too good to pass up). It has an SD card installed, but I could not find the original Frsky OS files on it. I would like to give the Frsky OS a try, but can't seem to find anywhere to download the files so I can load them back. I've found videos on how to reload them, but the videos all assume I have them saved somewhere. Where can I find the original OS files, and, more importantly, is it worth going through the effort? Several reviews seem to like the Frsky OS, but I have been using OpenTX now for a while on my Taranis transmitters and am reasonably comfortable with it. Need some expert advice. Thanks.



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Nov 29, 2017
Novato, CA USA
Sounds like your best bet will be to download the firmware here from FrSky:
and see if it will take on your radio. If your radio is older, these newer firmwares may not do the trick, you would need a copy of the older firmware. I think there are instructions on the steps under the flashing instructions tab.
Just this weekend I was asked by a friend to put FrOS back on to a X10S. I did not backup the radio when I put OpenTX on it, so I had to download the OS from the FrSky website. The laptop I use is a dual-boot with LinuxMint and Windows 10. Using Linux (as normal), I discovered that Companion would not flash the FrOS Bootloader to the transmitter. However, once booted into Windows, Companion had no problem flashing the bootloader and getting the radio back to FrOS.
May 2, 2018
Thanks guys. I'm thinking now I may stay with OpenTX, since I am familiar with it. Konrad convinced me that the FrSkyOS probably has limitations that take away some of the power of OpenTX, although I don't think I will ever use its full capabilities. Decisions, decisions. Unless someone changes my mind again with some strong argument in favor of FrSkyOS, I'm staying with what is already installed.


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Jan 23, 2018
San Francisco
I said what?;)
The FS-OS does not take anything away from OpenTX. It is just less powerful (flexible) than OpenTX.

My understanding of FS-OS is that it is a business decision. FrSky did not want to be beholding to an outside source for such a key feature of today's radio, the operating system. So they developed one in house that is based on canned menus and architecture similar to the other big radio manufactures.

As a business this is smart, in that the learning curve may not be as steep for some, coming from say Jr , Futaba of Spektrum. It might help with Horus sales.

But as far as the end user (you and I) FS-OS is not as flexible in its programing. Truth be told most of use don't need or know how to use the "full" power of OpenTX, so this isn't usually a concern.

Coming from radios like the Multiplex Profi I'm use to making my mixers. Using the menu driven mixer like those found in OS's like the FS-OS, I often write myself into a corner. With OpenTX I can work my way out and get the model to behave a lot closer to what I originally wanted.

I think some folks get overwhelmed or discouraged if they can't use a program to its full potential. So they choose a program with less potential. While OpenTX has a lot of potential you can still write simple programs with it.

I have to admit I've never programed with the FS-OS. Anybody know if the FS-OS has areas where it has the potential to out perform OpenTX, other than sales?

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